Caribbean Sign Language Centre

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a Credit Card to Register/Book?

No, you can book without online payment.

To book or register, Please select you desired service and date before Booking/adding to cart.

Click the checkout button from in the cart and select the “Cash on Attendance” Option.

Fill in all other required data.

How do I Request a quote?

To request a quote:

  1. Select your date  
  2. Click on the “Request a quote” button.
  3. On the popup, select “View Quote Requests”
  4. Enter your Message and click “Proceeed to submit your quote”
  5. We will contact you with further details if necessary and send you an invoice. You will then be required to log into your account and make the purchase to complete.
Do I get certified?


Please note that in order that you to receive your certificate you must meet the requirements of:

  • Completion of payment
  • At least 80% attendance
  • Regular classroom participation
  • Display of knowledge and satisfactory performance at the “Practical Classroom Evaluation” at the end of this course.

Persons failing to meet any or all of the above requirements should consult with the tutor before hand in order that some form of reconciliation be made between the CSLC and yourself wherever possible.

Can I record my tutorials?

No video-taping is allowed in any of our training sessions. Thank you!

What payment Options do you offer?
  • Credit Card Payment
  • Cash on Attendance
  • Bank Deposits

Payment may be made in FULL, or a Non-Refundable Downpayment of HALF the cost may be made at your first Attendance, the other half to be paid within 4 weeks.

How long have you been around?

Caribbean Sign Language Centre has been established since June 2010.

History: Our Original name was “N. Paul & Associates Sign Language Services”

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