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Caribbean Sign Language Centre

About Us

Our Centre

Founded by Ms. Nicole Paul and registered on 23rd June 2010, originally named “N. Paul & Associates Sign Language Services”.Now renamed and operating as a non-governmental organisation (NGO), Caribbean Sign Language Centre was born from a need to bridge a communication gap between Deaf and Hearing citizens in Trinidad and Tobago.

Our Mission​

Our mission is to provide the best range of sign language services and training to match the various needs of our clients.The organisation offers three (3) main Services: Sign Language Interpreting, Sign Language Tuition and Consulting.

Our Teachers

Our Sign Language Tutors are patient and experienced. Many of our teachers are members of the local Deaf community. This provides our students with the best experience from native signers.

Our Students

Our students are individuals desirous of learning not only Trinidad and Tobago Sign Language but also with a passion to understand Deaf Culture, engage with, advocate for and assist the Deaf.


The first time I heard of signing I thought it was hard but... CSLC made it easy to learn fast  and understand. Now I love to sign because my Deaf tutor at CSLC makes it easy... Individual attention is also practised at class so nobody is left behind. We started off as just a class now we are a team.


Learning sign language was always a passion of mine... with CSLC I was extremely happy that I was able to learn with a caring teacher who took her time with me

Kim M

Our entire class is thoroughly enjoying our classes with Salina... I honestly cannot suggest any areas needing improvement and highly recommend her as a teacher and this class.

Dr. Raama B

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